Hengdian Group DMEGC Magnetics Co. Lmt.

DMEGC ,headquartered in Hengdian, China, was established in 1980. Our vision is to become leading manufacturer of magnetic material, renewable energy products and electronic components in the world. Currently we employ 16.000 enthusiastic personnel, who are willing to fulfill every kind of customer requirements. With competitive price, high quality permanent magnet, soft magnetic material, and solar modules and cells, Li-ion battery and packs, haptic actuators, wireless charging modules, guaranteed by the obtained quality certificates ( http://www.chinadmegc.com/en/quality.php ), together with excellent customer service in your neighborhood, are reasons for the satisfaction of our customers. We are looking forward to a long term partnership with customers worldwide.

Our Stock Code: 002056

You can find more about DMEGC SOLAR on: www.chinadmegc.com and www.dmegcsolar.com

DMEGC new specification of 18650 Li-ion cells released

INR18650-25P Specification DMEGC
INR18650-26E Specification DMEGC
INR18650-29E Specification DMEGC

DMEGC Germany looking for new sales people
1. Li-ion cell, electronic component, magnetic material sales
2. English and German speaking fluently
3. Physics or related major bachelor degree
4. Target oriented and good at communication
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Do you know there is a town in the south of the Yangtze River called "Hengdian"?
A small city with colorful dreams and diversified appearances.
She is a dream creator and outputs amazing works every day.

With 6 public listed companies and more than 50,000 employees. Only by seeing her with your own eyes when you may understand that the "career pursuing" of a large city and the "comfort seeking" of a small town can be perfectly integrated perfectly here.

Do you know "DMEGC Magnetics"?
Chinese Magnetic material Leading manufacturer or World Magnetic Capital
A rising star in the photovoltaic industry
A new force in the lithium-ion battery industry
With Global Presence, Hengdian, Shanghai, Tokyo, New Delhi, Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Madrid, San Francisco...
Where your dreams begin...

Position: International Marketing/Sales/Technical/Quality Talents in magnetic material, solar,Li-ion battery related field.
Recruitment: 330 people wanted in 2022
More than three years of relevant work experience is preferred.

DMEGC Magnetics
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